Anne Donohue Real Estate's "Key to Excellent Service" comes from the knowledge that all agents are NOT built the same. You would not utilize the services of a foot doctor if you are having heart problems. Each aspect of the Real Estate market is filled with its own unique challenges. Each requires a particular proficiency. Anne Donohue's Real Estate office is separated into distinct areas of expertise. We have a group of ELITE agents whose focus of concentration is on the area of the Real Estate market that they have mastered. We are comprised of Residential Specialists, Coop Condo Specialists, Commercial Specialists and Rental Specialists.

Anne Donohue is one of the most experienced Coop/Condo SPECIALISTS working in Queens today. Finding a Real Estate agent is easy finding one who sells Coops and Condominiums EXCLUSIVELY, invaluable. She has been selling Coops and Condominiums for over 27 years with over 5,000 units sold.

Jessica is the true embodiment of a team player adding her support to every area that enhances outstanding customer service. Her energy, vision, passion and self motivation have contributed to her success as a Real Estate Agent. Her extraordinary marketing skills and knowledge of technology assist in facilitating the smooth running operations of the office.

Jessica is now the Chapter Director of MLS LIBOR. She currently lives in a home in Williston Park.

The Coop/Condo market in particular is encumbered with many challenges. The developments along with the banks are layered with many requirements. Ray's vast amount of knowledge on Coops and Condos and his top notch quality service has made him a huge success in this part of the Real Estate market. Ray's accomplishments can be noted by the amount of repeat/referral business he receives. Ray has built a specialization in the Coop/Condo market which has caused him to be in enormous demand. Ray is fluent in three languages. In addition to English he speaks Albanian and Italian.

Ray is currently finishing up his Bachelor's Degree in the area of finance. Ray can be trusted when selling the attributes of Coop life since he currently owns a coop in the Hollis Court Development in Bayside.

A distinguished Real Estate professional like Galit has established a strong rapport with her client base resulting in a numerous amount of referrals. Her skill set of superb communication sits on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Her outstanding attention to detail and excellent time management contributes to meeting strict deadlines that underscore every Real Estate transaction. The task is never too great or small when it comes to Galits dedication to her clients. Her standard of service is exemplary.

Galit lives with her husband and two children in Hollis Hills Queens.

Michele Farber has been a long time resident of the Bayside community attending Elementary School right through to High School. After obtaining a B.A. from Queens College she entered the Real Estate field. Michele brings high energy with a flair for intrinsic problem solving and innovative technique for marketing. Through relationship building Michele makes connections with an enthusiastic positive attitude accompanied by a great passion for Real Estate. Michele volunteers some of her time to St. Mary’s Children Hospital in her spare time. You can trust Michele when it comes to delivering results.

Ralf Schrader is one of the newest additions to the team. A former Paramedic, Ralf brings his caring and compassionate attitude to real estate by helping everyone he encounters have a pleasant experience while reaching their goals. Ralf currently lives in Roslyn Heights, but spent his childhood in Bayside, still frequently present there running daily errands or enjoying the neighborhood. Ralf is finishing up his Bachelor's Degree in business administration and finance.

Louis Algios has been specializing in Residential Properties in Northeast Queens for over 40 years, resulting in over $50 million in Real Estate sales. His exceptional sales skills and in depth market knowledge have been rewarded by his loyal, satisfied clients with well-deserved referrals and repeat business. He has been recognized for his personal treatment and hands on guidance of each and every client. Louis credits his success with one key element – the ability to effectively communicate with his client, whether in regard to market conditions or making sure his clients have all the information they need to feel secure about their choices by providing them with the most current and accurate information available. Louis has been a resident of Bayside Hills for over 35 years and is an active member of the Bayside Hills Civic Association.

We are pleased to announce that Jeffrey Rothstein formally of Lewis Gould Realty has joined our company. A long time resident of Bayside, Jeff brings an expertise of the area like no other. Jeff attended elementary school all the way through college in the Bayside community. After college Jeff married and raised children in the Bayside area underscoring his love for the community. Jeff has nine years of experience in the Real Estate industry and will be instrumental in helping clients who are looking to move to the area.

How can someone distinguish himself from the many other real estate agents out there today?…By providing services based on integrity, dependability and in depth knowledge of the industry coupled with the educational background to assist homeowners in all aspects of real estate. It is Steve’s personal goal, as your full service real estate agent, to provide you with superior service at all times. He is able to accomplish this by possessing strong credentials, over ten years of hands on real estate experience, and his meticulous attention to detail and customer service, his clients are ‘clients for life’ and often tend to return to him for all their real estate needs. Steve is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Italian.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Bryan Rothstein, the newest addition to Anne Donohue Real Estate, has a passion for Real Estate with a great support system following behind him, and showing him the ropes. With a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Social Sciences, Bryan is a hard worker with a special focus on attention to detail. His warm smile and friendly face help compliment his upbeat and inviting persona. He is always looking to help and always has his mind open to learning new things.

As a Realtor specializing in Rental Properties, Areti Batistatos brings with her an abundant amount of experience to support her clients in their move. Whether she is chatting with her clients in Greek or English, Areti Exhibits a tremendous amount of patience and expertise. Areti enjoys a reputation of an agent who is dedicated, and handles challenges with ease and intelligence.

Areti was born in Greece and moved to the USA at 5 years of age. She is married and lives with her husband and two daughters Sophia and Maria, in the Bayside, Flushing Area.

Ermir Elmazi's tremendous success in real estate is based on the simple yet vital premise of giving clients the utmost in personal attention, quality service and hard work. As a result, nearly 90 percent of all his business comes from enthusiastic referrals from satisfied clients. Complementing the superior service Ermir provides is a deep focus on nurturing relationships built on trust, and a genuine dedication to making people feel comfortable throughout every par of a sales transaction. He is a straight shooter who puts honesty and integrity ahead of all else in his dealings, whether pricing a home or presenting all the benefits and flaws of a property. His extensive knowledge and sound guidance instill strong feelings of respect and confidence in the loyal buyers and sellers who continually use Ermir for their growing or changing real estate needs.

Thomas is an incredible asset to the team. Thomas, or "Tommy", has striven for excellence in everything he does. Tommy's mind knows no limits and his unquenchable thirst for more has led Tommy to successfully seek and obtain mastery in several different disciplines of knowledge. From becoming a child psychologist, to enrolling and soon to be finishing a Master's program in journalism at Colombia University, Tommy aggressively pursues that which matters most to him. In a relatively short amount of time, Tommy has achieved milestones in life that would take others a lifetime to achieve. He takes his passion for achieving goals and applies it to real estate. His humble, yet efficient etiquette allows him to suit the needs of buyers and sellers alike.

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